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Enzyme Core Practical Essay

The Effect of pH on the Activity of the Enzyme Amylase

1658 words - 7 pages The Effect of pH on the Activity of the Enzyme Amylase Aim :- To find the effect of pH on the activity of the enzyme amylase. An enzyme is a type of protein found in all living cells. Enzymes act as biological catalysts, breaking down substrates without needing a high temperature, allowing all the chemical reactions of metabolism to take place, regulating the speed at which they progress, lowering the activation energy and providing a means of controlling individual biochemical pathways. Enzymes owe their activity to the precise three-dimensional shape of their molecules. According to the 'lock-and-key' hypothesis, the substrates upon which... VIEW DOCUMENT

Determining the Influence of pH on the Activity of Catalase Enzyme in Potato Tuber Cells

2302 words - 9 pages INTRODUCTIONEnzymes are vitally important for every living organism, because without them the reactions within the cells would occur to slow to sustain life. However there are many factors which affect the rate of enzymes reactions. One of them is pH, which influence on the enzyme activity will be the subject of this investigation. Catalase of potato tuber cells will be the enzyme used in the experiment.RESEARCH QUESTIONWhat is the influence of different values of pH on the activity of catalase in potato tuber cells?VARIABLESIndependent: potato discs treatment (placing them into buffer solutions of different pH values, mixed with hydrogen peroxide)Dependent: the activity of the... VIEW DOCUMENT


651 words - 3 pages Enzymes are important to cells because they allow both the making and the breaking up of bonds. This would happen naturally and over time, but cells do not have the time to wait years, sometimes hundreds, for that to happen. With the use of enzymes, such tasks can take less than a second. This happens because enzymes are catalysts, and are able to speed up reactions. Enzymes, remaining unaffected by the process of catalysis, can continue to perform their function multiple times. However, like most things, breaking and making bonds require energy. This energy causes substrates to change. The transition state is when substrate bonds are able to break up by themselves. Enzymes help bringing... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Effect Of Substrate Concentration On The Activity Of The Enzyme Catalase

1896 words - 8 pages The Effect Of Substrate Concentration On The Activity Of The Enzyme Catalase A Level Biology Project Aims This is an experiment to examine how the concentration of the substrate hydrogen peroxide affects the rate of reaction of the enzyme catalase. Introduction This is a real A-level school project and as such is intended for educational or research purposes only. Extracts of this project must not be included in any projects that you submit for marking. Doing this could lead to being disqualified from all the subjects that you are taking. You have been warned. If you want more help with doing your biology practicals then have a look at 'Advanced Level Practical Work for... VIEW DOCUMENT

The effect that temperature has on enzyme activity.

1622 words - 6 pages INVESTIGATING THE EFFECT OF TEMPERATURE ON THE RATE OF ENZYME ACTIVITY.To investigate the effect that temperature has on enzyme activity I am going to use the enzyme amylase, which is used as a biological catalyst to break down starch, which cannot pass through the gut wall due to the size of the molecules, into smaller ones. Amylase is a carbohydrase, which converts starch to simple sugars in the Salivary Glands. Three features of all enzymes are:They are always proteins.They are specific in their actions and each enzyme controls one particular type of action.The enzymes are not... VIEW DOCUMENT

This biology experiment was conducted in order to see if the change in environmental factors had any effect on enzyme activity.

818 words - 3 pages The Effect of Temperature on Enzyme ActivityAbstractThis biology experiment was conducted in order to see if the change in environmental factors had any effect on enzyme activity. I tested the effects of the environment of enzymes by comparing three different temperatures' affects on milk and its glucose levels. The end result proved that environmental factors such as temperature do in fact have an affect on enzyme activity.IntroductionAn enzyme is a protein that acts as a catalyst; a substance that speeds up a reaction. Each enzyme is specific meaning that if the enzyme fails to bind at the active site with the substrate, the reaction does not take place.... VIEW DOCUMENT

Effect of pH Buffer on Yeast Reaction

1840 words - 7 pages Shardul Bansal BioChem 27/11/14Effect of pH on Yeast Rate of ReactionAimI have chosen to investigate pH levels because I find it intriguing that people only use water to make bread dough. However, the optimum pH for a yeast reaction to occur is slightly acidic. Could it be that people all around the world have been using the wrong liquid to make their bread dough? In this investigation, I want to put the theory to the test, and to see if bakers all around the world can benefit from using a slightly different pH. If my results conclude that a slightly more acidic buffer is a more optimum pH, this also means... VIEW DOCUMENT

Effect of pH on Protein Digestion

507 words - 2 pages Objective: To investigate how pH affects the rate of protein digestionHypothesis: I predict that since pepsin breaks down the material the quickest at a pH of 2 in the stomach, test tubes #3 will reduce the greatest because it has pepsin to further break down the egg. Whereas the other test tubes will have a smaller reduction. I think test tube #2 will have the second largest reduction rate and then #6 because they all will have a greater rate at breaking down the material, Then, I predict the test tubes that did not have pepsin added will come in last in the order of test tubes #4,#1, and #5.Manipulated variable:*Using different solutions to the test tubes (pepsin,... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Effect Of Substrate on Enzyme concentration

2790 words - 11 pages "h Wear goggles, apron and gloves to be safe in case of spillage or accidental contact with clothing."h Upon contact with solution it is advisable to wash hands or affected body part immediately. Be careful as it burns."h If breakage of tubes/beaker occurs, clean up immediately."h In order not to confuse test tubes containing water and hydrogen peroxide, label each of them clearly"h Remember to wash hands after handling yeast suspensionFAIR TESTTo ensure that a fair test is carried out the following must be observed"h Make sure fixed variables are not altered"h Make sure that when the volume of yeast and water is changed and then... VIEW DOCUMENT

The effect of concentration of enzyme and enzyme substrate on the rate of an Enzyme-catalysed reaction

3271 words - 13 pages This experiment will be an investigation into enzyme activity. Wherever enzymes are used one has to bear in mind that there are various factors which affect the enzyme activity.I will be investigating how different concentrations of the enzyme catalase affect the rate at which hydrogen peroxide is broken down into water and oxygen. In order of doing this different concentrations of liquid catalase that is gained from dried yeast will be added to a fixed volume and concentration of hydrogen peroxide for a fixed time length.Enzymes are protein molecules that function as catalysts, that is they can speed up a chemical reaction while not being transformed in that reaction. They... VIEW DOCUMENT

Biology: Experiment- The Effect of Temperature on the Enzyme Rennin

1890 words - 8 pages Aim: The aim of the experiment is to test the effect temperature has on the activity of the enzyme rennin.Hypothesis: I believe the rate of reaction will speed up as the temperature increases until it reaches about 37oC, which is the body temperature, where it will begin to slow down and stop reacting. I believe this will occur because enzymes have a temperature range at which they work best in and once the temperature goes out of this range the enzyme will stop working.Introduction:Enzymes are made up of proteins which are produced within living cells and act as catalysts which speed up chemical reactions. They are made up of long chains of amino acids containing carbon,... VIEW DOCUMENT

Effect of Temperature on an Enzyme in Hydgrogen Peroxide

2243 words - 9 pages Effect of Temperature on an Enzyme in Hydgrogen Peroxide Introduction. The aim of this investigation is to find out how temperature affects the speed at which the enzyme,Catalase,works best in Hydrogen Peroxide.I hope to achieve reliable results that will confirm my predictions. I predict that:- · By increasing the temperature of the Hydrogen Peroxide,the Catalase will react faster. This is because the particles have more energy so they will move and react at a faster rate. · At about 40c, the Catalase will start to deteriorate because the substrate no longer fits the enzyme making the enzyme useless. · I predict that the enzyme... VIEW DOCUMENT

Effects of Enzyme Rate by Variables of Enzyme Concentration, Substrate Concentraion, Temperature and pH

3910 words - 16 pages AbstractThis study was undertaken to determine the effects of different environments affecting the rate of reaction, PNPP (p-nitrophenyl phosphate) + H20 ? PNP (p-nitrophenol) + H3P04. This reaction is catalyzed by the enzyme phosphatase. Different environments produced different reaction rates as environmental factors affect the efficiency of phosphatase. This is because environmental factors can change the tertiary structure of phosphatase, which alters its active site, and thus changes its efficiency to catalyze the reaction. We measured the rate of reaction, by using a chromogenic substrate, PNPP, and a spectrometer to determine the amount of product produced in 15 min and also... VIEW DOCUMENT

Effect of pH and Acid Phosphatase

1371 words - 5 pages The practical was carried out to investigate the effect of pH on the reaction of the enzyme acid phosphatase. Of the many functions of proteins, catalysis is by far the most vital. When catalysis is not present, most reactions in the biological systems take place very slowly to produce at an adequate pace for metabolising organism. The catalysts that take this role are called enzymes. Enzymes are the most efficient catalysts; they can enhance rate of reaction by up to 1020 over uncatalysed reactions. (Campbell et al, 2012). Enzyme catalysis is dependant upon factors such as concentration of enzyme and substrate, temperature and pH. These factors determine the rate of reaction, and an... VIEW DOCUMENT

EXPERIMENT: Effect of Dissolved Carbon Dioxide on the pH of water

1686 words - 7 pages HSC BIOLOGY ASSESSMENT TASK 1 Conductor: Wissam Bardouh HSC BIOLOGY ASSESSMENT TASK 1Maintaining a BalanceTask: Open-ended investigationOur task is to plan, choose equipment and perform a first hand investigation to demonstrate the effect of dissolved carbon dioxide on the pH of water.Due Date: 21/11/07Conductor: Wissam BardouhEFFECT OF DISSOLVED CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) ON pH OF WATERIntroduction:((Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas. It is everywhere ranging from our bodies to the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is... VIEW DOCUMENT

Investigating the effect of temperature on the action of a protease enzyme on exposed developed film

2951 words - 12 pages Investigating the effect of temperature on the action of a protease enzyme on exposed developed filmPlanAim: The aim of the experiment is to find out what effect temperature has on the action of a protease enzyme on exposed developed film.Enzymes are biological catalysts. They are made in livings things built up by amino acids to make protein. Enzymes are able to speed up reactions and can repeat reactions.There are various factors that affect the activity of enzymes they are:"Y Temperature"Y pH"Y Specificity"Y Concentration of enzyme or substrateEnzymes are specific, this means that they only work on one substrate molecule. A... VIEW DOCUMENT

Enzyme Kinetics Lab Report: The reaction rate of enzyme, '-amylase in Starch-Iodine solution at different temperatures and pH levels

1996 words - 8 pages Abstract:This experimentation was to evaluate absorbance and the reaction rate of an enzyme, '-amylase in starch-iodine solution. We will be testing the relationship between enzymatic reaction affected by temperature and pH. Through the testing the enzyme at different temperatures, and different pH levels; it would determine at which temperature and pH level the enzyme worked the most efficiently. Analyzing absorbance of the solutions with spectrophotometery will determine the reaction rate.To test the optimal pH, the starch and a buffer were combined at a specific pH level and... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Effect of Temperature on the Rate of an Enzyme Catalysed Reaction

1779 words - 7 pages Aim: To find the effect of temperature on enzymes, using a potato as a catalyst. The source of catalase is in the potato cells.2H2O2 → O2 + H2OPlanning:Introduction: An Enzyme is any one of many specialised organic substances, composed of polymers of amino acids, that act as catalysts to regulate the speed of the many chemical reactions involved in the metabolism of living organismsEnzymes are classified into several broad categories, such as hydrolytic, oxidising, and reducing, depending on the type of reaction they control. Hydrolytic enzymes accelerate reactions in which a substance is broken down into simpler compounds through reaction with water... VIEW DOCUMENT

An Investigation Into The Effect Of Enzyme

2633 words - 11 pages visit http://www.iizukakei.com for free bogusmail.fake mail and book reviews and more! An Investigation Into The Effect Of Enzyme Concentration On The Rate Of Catalase Activity Equation: 2H2O 2 2H2O + O 2 Catalase is used to catalyse this reaction as hydrogen peroxide takes too long to decompose on its own. The source of catalase which I will be using will be from potato.Hypothesis: I believe that as the concentration of enzyme is increased, the rate of catalase activity will also increase.Scientific Knowledge: An enzyme is a biological catalyst which speeds up chemical reactions. Enzymes are specific and only break down certain molecules. This is why there are many... VIEW DOCUMENT

Lab: Which PH Breaks Down Albumin, a Substrase of the Enzyme Pepsin

856 words - 3 pages 2014 Year 11 Biology Task 1 Extended Experimental investigation Factors Affecting Enzyme Action Focus Question: This lab will be driven by the research question, which pH level has the most successful effect on the activity of the enzyme Pepsin (protease) in the breakdown of the substrate, albumin. Introduction: Pearson Baccalaureate: Standard Level Biology Developed Specifically for the IB Diploma describes enzymes as “protein molecules which act as catalysts for reactions. As catalysts, the real function of enzymes is to lower the activation energy of the reactions that they catalyze” (Ward, Tosto, McGonegal, & Damon, 2007). Enzymes are globular proteins that have an overall 3D... VIEW DOCUMENT

An experiment to look at the effect of 1 factor on an enzyme

1586 words - 6 pages AimTo design and carry out an experiment to look at one factor which affects the enzyme catalase.Catalase is involved in the breakdown of Hydrogen Peroxide into water and oxygen.2H202 "_ 2H20 + 02It can be found in most cells, however it is mostly concentrated in the liver, kidney and tuber cells of plants (e.g. potato).HypothesisI predict that as the temperature increases the oxygen produced will increase until a point (optimum temperature), then will decrease until no oxygen is produced ( due to denaturation )JustificationAll enzymes have optimum conditions, at which they work best. Therefore in my experiment there will be an... VIEW DOCUMENT

Coursework and practical plan for title "Investigate the effect of temperature on the action of the enzyme diastase on starch."

1003 words - 4 pages For my investigation, I plan to examine the effect temperature has on enzyme action involving the biological catalyst- diastase, and its substrate- starch. In lesson, I have conducted a preliminary experiment to give me an idea of what to expect and a chance to conduct the experiment before hand. From my preliminary work I believe that an equal amount of substrate (Starch) with an equal amount of enzyme (Diastase) should finish reacting at around 90-120 seconds. Also, I have learned that an enzyme is a globular protein with a tertiary structure of polypeptides- this gives the enzymes their active site shape. I also know... VIEW DOCUMENT

The effect of substrate concentrations on the rate of the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide when catalyzed by the enzyme catalase.

4245 words - 17 pages For this investigation I have been asked to investigate (by experimentation) the effect of substrate concentrations on the rate of the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide when catalyzed by the enzyme catalase. This is part of our work on the function of enzymes, how they work and the effects of conditions on how they work. We have learnt about the formation of enzyme-substrate complexes, the lock and key model, induced fit model, activation energies of normal reactions and enzyme-catalyzed reactions, equilibrium, specificity and denaturation.Let me write specifically about the enzyme, catalase and the substrate, hydrogen peroxide. In organisms, hydrogen peroxide is a toxic... VIEW DOCUMENT

Biology-action of amylase enzyme on starch

672 words - 3 pages AimWe are trying to find out how the action of amylase enzyme on starch is influenced by temperature.PredictionMy prediction is that the lower the temperature the longer it will take for the two substances to turn a pure yellow indicating the starch has been converted into sugars (glucose).Scientific reasonParts of the digestive system produce enzymes which speed up the digestion of food. When the food has been digested it is absorbed through the wall of the intestine. The small soluble molecules pass through the wall into the blood vessels surrounding the intestine. The blood vessels around the intestine are the starting point of a journey for the food... VIEW DOCUMENT

Effects of Catalase Type on Enzyme Action

912 words - 4 pages Enzyme Action:Testing Effect of Type Catalase on Catalase ActivityIsabelle KnezevicMr. CottinghamNovember 11, 2013IB Biology Period 7Introduction:Enzymes are responsible for most of the chemical activities of living organisms. Enzymes are globular proteins with specific 3D formations that act as catalysts, or substances that speed up chemical reaction. All living organisms use enzymes to speed up various reactions. H2O2 is a substance that is toxic to most organisms. Many organisms can enzymatically destroy hydrogen peroxide before it can do much harm by converting H2O2 to oxygen and water. This reaction occurs randomly,... VIEW DOCUMENT

To investigate the effect of surface area on the rate of reaction using the enzyme Catalase, found in potato, and the substrate Hydrogen Peroxide.

2672 words - 11 pages INTRODUCTIONEnzymes are biological catalysts that speed up chemical reactions, without being used up or changed. Catalase is a globular protein molecule that is found in all living cells. A globular protein is a protein with its molecules curled up into a 'ball' shape. All enzymes have an active site. This is where another molecule(s) can bind with the enzyme. This molecule is known as the substrate. When the substrate binds with the enzyme, a product is produced. Enzymes are specific to their substrate, because the shape of their active site will only fit the shape of their substrate. It is said that the substrate is complimentary to their substrate.When the substrate binds... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Affects of Acid Rain on pH and Alkalinity

984 words - 4 pages Acid rain is caused when rain, fog, or snow passes through a layer of pollution. Acid rain is just a common term meaning acid deposition. Acid deposition is divided into two types, wet and dry. Wet acid deposition includes rain, fog, and snow. The potency of the acid rain depends on how acidic the water is to start and the chemistry and buffering capacity of the soil. Dry acid deposition includes acidic gases and particles. Acid rain occurs when sulfur oxides (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) react with water, oxygen and other chemicals in the atmosphere. Two-thirds of the sulfur oxides come from electric power generation. Nitrogen oxides are formed when any fossil fuel is burned.... VIEW DOCUMENT

Report the process on the project of PH value

1566 words - 6 pages Report the process on the project /*<![CDATA[*/ :link { color: #0000EE } :visited { color: #551A8B } p.gec-14 {text-indent: 3.47mm; text-align: left; line-height: 4.166667mm; color: Black; background-color: White;} p.gec-13 {text-indent: 14.34mm; text-align: left; line-height: 4.166667mm; color: Black; background-color: White;} p.gec-12 {text-indent: 12.55mm; text-align: left; line-height: 4.166667mm; color: Black; background-color: White;} div.gec-11 {margin:... VIEW DOCUMENT

To investigate the effect of surface area on the rate of reaction using the enzyme Catalase, found in potato, and the substrate Hydrogen Peroxide.

541 words - 2 pages Hydrogen peroxide has an acidic pH which will break down into water which has a neutral pH. This may effect the enzyme action as many enzymes work faster in a neutral environment, the only control over this is the fact that it will happen in each test and to consider its effect at the end of the experiment. I will need to use the same potato and cut a fresh chip at each stage of the experiment as the catalase may become effected by exposure to the air. This may effect results so I will keep the chips as similar as possible. The apparatus should have been washed with distilled water and I will use a different... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Effects Of Alcohol On Sexual Activity

775 words - 3 pages The effects of alcohol with relation to sexual activity When considering the situation that occurred at the University of New Hampshire, you must realize that similar incidents of the same nature happen all the time. College students consist of relatively innocent young men and women, whose main interests are usually their social interaction with each other. Drinking alcohol is a favorite pastime at colleges, because it enhances the social atmosphere. With the way alcohol alters the decision making process, none of the students involved in the New Hampshire incident can be held directly responsible.The night... VIEW DOCUMENT

Lab Report on Measuring the Rate of Conversion of Hydrogen Peroxide using Enzyme Catalysis

866 words - 3 pages Lab Report on Measuring the Rate of Conversion of Hydrogen Peroxide using Enzyme Catalysis In essence, the main objective was to use chemical titration to measure and then calculate the rate of conversion of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to water and oxygen by using the enzyme catalase. Other purposes of the lab were; to measure the effects of changes of temperature, pH, enzymes concentration, and substrate concentration on rates of an enzyme. The lab was also an opportunity to see a catalyzed reaction in a controlled experiment. And the last objective was to learn how environmental factors affect the rate of enzyme catalyzed reactions. Enzymes are proteins produced by living cells. They act... VIEW DOCUMENT

Effects of Rumors on Pakistan’s Stock Market’s Activity

4791 words - 19 pages Effects of Rumors on Pakistan's Stock Market's ActivityByAzib Saleem BajwaFarid ud Din ToorJunaid Ihsan KhattakMuhammad Akbar LatifShehryar Azhar Malik(2013)A Research Paper presented as a part of Final Project to Ma'am Zunaira SaqibDedicated to Our GroupAcknowledgementWe have taken efforts in this research paper but it would not have been possible without the kind support and help of many individuals and organizations. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of them.We are highly indebted to TREC members and sector analysts of KSE, LSE and ISE for their guidance and constant... VIEW DOCUMENT

Effects of Rumors on Pakistan’s Stock Market’s Activity

4791 words - 19 pages Effects of Rumors on Pakistan's Stock Market's ActivityByAzib Saleem BajwaFarid ud Din ToorJunaid Ihsan KhattakMuhammad Akbar LatifShehryar Azhar Malik(2013)A Research Paper presented as a part of Final Project to Ma'am Zunaira SaqibDedicated to Our GroupAcknowledgementWe have taken efforts in this research paper but it would not have been possible without the kind support and help of many individuals and organizations. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of them.We are highly indebted to TREC members and sector analysts of KSE, LSE and ISE for their guidance and constant... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Impact of Tourism and Human Activity on Biodiversity

2385 words - 10 pages Biodiversity is the variety of life on earth. It refers to the number of species of plants, animals and microorganisms. However, it also refers to the difference of the ecosystems on the planet such as rainforests, deserts, coral reefs and so on. This is all parts of a biologically diverse on the earth. The beauty of the country is made by the biodiversity on the earth. This can make the country became the most popular place to touristy, because of a wealth resource for the tourist sector that including the interesting animals and plants, a wonderful or fantastic place for tourist to explore and also scenic walks. These indicate the importance of tourism plays as an important part to the... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Impact of Human Activity on The Environment

1007 words - 4 pages Author John Green once said, “We can never know better until knowing better is useless.” What he meant by this is that humans are incredibly short-sighted in what consequences their actions may have. Humans can accomplish a great deal in short periods of time, sometimes without realizing the change is happening. Although changes to the environment are expected as nations grow and societies evolve, more often than not these changes prove detrimental to our quality of life in the long run. Humans have shaped their environment over time for the worse through insufficient water sanitation, rapid industrialization, and air pollution. England, being an island nation, has always heavily relied... VIEW DOCUMENT

What affect the substrate has on the rate of reaction with the enzyme in potato?

946 words - 4 pages Enzyme InvestigationTaskTo find out what affect the substrate has on the rate of reaction with the enzyme in potato.Variables1. PH2. Temperature3. Concentration of substrate4. Concentration of enzyme5. Surface area of potato lumps6. TimeKey VariablesInput variables - concentration of substrateOutput variable - volume of gasPredictionI think that to start with, the higher the concentration of the substrate the faster the rate of reaction. However, I... VIEW DOCUMENT

Effect Of Temp On Yeast

5195 words - 21 pages Steven Alderdice Burnage Boy aldy@nme.com Biology Coursework This experiment will find out how temperature effects the rate of reaction between yeast and glucose.The reaction is as follows C6 H12 O6 yeast 2C2H5OH + 2CO2 Glucose Ethanol + Carbon Dioxide For the reaction to take place particles within reacting substances must collide. The rate of reaction depends upon how often and how hard particles collide with each other. In an enzyme controlled reaction the number of collisions is influenced by the concentrations of the enzyme and its substrate. Enzymes are biological catalysts and they speed up the rate of reaction. This is achieved by the fact that collisions require less... VIEW DOCUMENT

Effect of Concentration on Osmosis

2617 words - 10 pages Effect of Concentration on Osmosis Aim To find out how the concentration of sucrose solution affects the mass of the potato chip left in the solution for one day. Prediction I predict that when the sucrose concentration is low the potato chip will gain mass. This is because there will be a higher sucrose concentration in the potato chip so water will go into the potato from the solution. I predict that when there is a high concentration of sucrose the potato will lose mass. This is because there is a higher concentration of sucrose solution in the solution compared to that in the potato chip so water from the potato will go into the solution to even it out. Osmosis is... VIEW DOCUMENT

A lab report on the investigation of temperature on catalase activity.

828 words - 3 pages INVESTIGATION INTO THE EFFECT OF TEMPERATURE ON CATALASE ACTIVITYAIMThe aim of this experiment is to find out the effect of temperature on catalase or hydrogen peroxide. This will enable us to tell at what temperature hydrogen peroxide is most efficient. This (degradation) reaction will help us determine some of the catalase's different attributes.HYPOTHESISIn this experiment it would be safe to hypothesise that no activity would take place at 1 to 20 degrees. It would be probable that a little activity would take place around 40 degrees. When the water gets to around 60+ the oxygen bubbles... VIEW DOCUMENT

Effect of road salt on the environment

1445 words - 6 pages interesting topic good workSalt PollutionAs awareness for pollution increases, other forms of pollution are defined. Almost everyone knows about toxic waste and carbon dioxide pollution, but not many people have heard of salt pollution. Salt pollution has been on the increase since the evolution of the automobile. With more pressure on government agencies to keep the highway clear and safe, an increase in the use of salt has developed. It is important to understand why salt is used and how it work as well as the environmental effects to understand the salt pollution problem.Salt is a necessary and accepted part of the winter environment. It provides safety and... VIEW DOCUMENT

Effect of acid rain on Pea growth

3366 words - 13 pages Untitled /*<![CDATA[*/ :link { color: #0000EE } :visited { color: #551A8B } div.gec-11 {padding: 0.00mm 0.00mm 0.00mm 0.00mm; text-align: right} p.gec-10 {text-indent: 0.00mm; text-align: right; line-height: 4.166667mm; color: Black; background-color: White;} p.gec-9 {text-indent: 0.00mm; text-align: left; line-height: 6.250000mm; color: Black; background-color: White;} td.gec-8 {background-color: white} p.gec-7 {text-indent: 0.00mm; text-align: center;... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Effect of Movement on Student Learning

2101 words - 8 pages Movement is one of the most highly debated topics among teachers today, as every individual has his/her own opinions in their teaching philosophy. Teachers must get around barriers caused by the high priorities of standardized testing and low effort to include movement in their classroom; therefore, it puts too much stress on the general education teachers. There are insufficient amounts of space to complete activities requiring movement when in a classroom; therefore, the teachers are incapable of safely navigating students around the room. Some students will refuse to participate in different physical activities, causing frustration when teachers are trying to plan full... VIEW DOCUMENT

Effect of Yoga Nidra on Blood Pressure

1319 words - 5 pages Introduction Yoga Nidra (Yoga Sleep) is a term used to represent the state in which an individual exhibits all the symptoms of a deep non-REM sleep, remaining fully conscious(1). PET studies have shown that the brain activities during Yoga Nidra is unique in the sense that it can be called as the “fourth state of mind"(2). Yoga Nidra had been traditionally used in yoga practices to bring the subject into a state of deep relaxation. Studies have shown that practice of Yoga Nidra reduces Sympathetic Activity from baseline levels(3) and a shift in heart rate variability suggestive of parasympathetic(4) improvement. Since the autonomic regulation constitute a major part in the regulation of... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Effect of Cell Phones on Health

1573 words - 6 pages Today’s technologies are advancing at such an astonishing rate. This can make it difficult for even the most avid “techie” to keep pace. Technology is that wonderful thing that brings comfort and convenience to our lives. But, with that comfort and convenience, there often comes a price; and the technology of the cell phone proves no exception. Arguably, as a communication tool, the cell phone has no equal in how it has changed and affected our lives. Mostly, the effect has been positive in many ways. But, as it is with anything, overuse and abuse has brought out its dark side and the effect of unintended consequences. One of the unintended consequences of the cell phone is its... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Effect of Food on Humans

2733 words - 11 pages The Effect of Food on Humans ''You are what you eat.''[1] The food we consume determines our physical and psychological health. The muscles in the body, and the blood flowing through the veins, are all supplied by the food that we consume. These foods also have an effect on the way the brain functions, and an effect on the body's performance. People might say they are hungry and genuinely believe it when in fact they are feeling sad. This is due to the lack of neuro- chemicals in the brain which carry messages and control nerve impulses. When the right types of food are eaten, the neuro- chemicals contained in the foods enhances mental capabilities... VIEW DOCUMENT

Effect of List Position on Free Recall

763 words - 3 pages In our daily lives, we constantly try to store and retrieve information from our memory. Sometimes the retrieval process is quite simple, while other times it seems to be almost impossible. An experiment was done to investigate the effect of list position on free recall. The serial position effect refers to the U-shaped pattern presentation on a free recall task. The accuracy of item recall depends on the order that the stimulus is presented. The serial position curve is an example of how the recency and primacy effect appears to have influence on recall. Primacy effect results from initial observations and it is believed that the first few items of the list is remembered the second best.... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Effect of Technology On Society

1048 words - 4 pages Every day the world is changing and things are done differently. Technology has also affected the way students are taught and in which they learn. It has changed the classroom. Technology saves us time and allows us to access material in only minutes. “The Internet and online subscription databases, even as a supplement to the printed works in the library, allow students to see, and force them to consider or reject, points of view that they might never have encountered in decades past” (Gow 4).With all the time technology produces, it also has downsides and it also may have created a less intelligent society. Some look at technology as if has dumbed downed society but if we take a... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Effect of Reinforcement on Performance

2391 words - 10 pages Experiment # 1The Effect of Reinforcement on Performance&The Difference in Self-Efficacy Levels in Terms of Different Levels of ReinforcementAbstractThis study was conducted to see the effect of reinforcement on performance, and the relationship between levels of self-efficacy and the level of reinforcement provided. The hypothesis was formulated that the reinforcement provided would increase the performance of participants, and that the performance of the highly reinforced group would be better than that... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Effect of Music on Behavior

1667 words - 7 pages The Effect of Music on Behavior Music has a huge impact on the everyday lives of individuals in America today. It is an important part of the sociological self, which causes a person to feel and act in a certain manner. Sensual guitar playing, a suggestive song, hard rock power chords, or a tune from the past are all highly powerful forces in shaping one's actions. I have taken a particular interest in the way that different genres of music affect student's actions at this university. This paper will take into account the effects that particular genres of music have on people. Because we are in a college town such as Austin it is easy to observe the effects that music has on people.... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Effect of College Athletics on Academics

1378 words - 6 pages College is a time for young people to develop and grow not only in their education, but social aspects as well. One of the biggest social scenes found around college campuses are athletic events, but where would these college sports be without their dedicated athletes? Student athletes get a lot of praise for their achievements on the field, but tend to disregard the work they accomplish in the classroom. Living in a college environment as a student athlete has a great deal of advantages as well as disadvantages that affect education and anti-intellectualism. Around the country, college athletic programs are pushing their athletes more and more every day. The NCAA (National Collegiate... VIEW DOCUMENT

Effect Of Ph On Enzyme Activity Essay Examples

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Enzyme Lab Report Essay

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Section 1. Introduction
“Enzymes are proteins that have catalytic functions” [1], “that speed up or slow down reactions”[2], “indispensable to maintenance and activity of life”[1]. They are each very specific, and will only work when a particular substrate fits in their active site. An active site is “a region on the surface of an enzyme where the substrate binds, and where the reaction occurs”[2]. “Lactase is an enzyme that breaks down lactose, the sugar in milk. It is produced by the cells lining of the small intestine. Most people are born producing it, but often make less of it as they age, which causes lactose intolerance the symptoms for this include nausea, bloating, and diarrhea to name a few. This enzyme is produced…show more content…

Section 1. Introduction
“Enzymes are proteins that have catalytic functions” [1], “that speed up or slow down reactions”[2], “indispensable to maintenance and activity of life”[1]. They are each very specific, and will only work when a particular substrate fits in their active site. An active site is “a region on the surface of an enzyme where the substrate binds, and where the reaction occurs”[2]. “Lactase is an enzyme that breaks down lactose, the sugar in milk. It is produced by the cells lining of the small intestine. Most people are born producing it, but often make less of it as they age, which causes lactose intolerance the symptoms for this include nausea, bloating, and diarrhea to name a few. This enzyme is produced commercially as a dietary supplement to help them digest the lactose”[3]. The purpose for this experiment is to study the enzyme specificity and if its function is under the influence of environmental factors such as pH and temperature. To test the specificity we used lactase in several test tubes in the presence of lactose and sucrose to figure out which one would result with the highest concentration of glucose, which is one of the lactase products. The test tubes each contained, milk (lactose), or sucrose, and either lactase enzyme or water, which is used as a negative control. We hypothesized that the enzyme is specific, and will break down lactose, but not sucrose. We then found out our hypothesis is accurate because it proved that

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