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A Robber In My House Essay Writing

Last night at about 2am, I took a 10 minute shower.  I took a shower with the door wide open, with the bathroom being 10 feet away from my room.

When I returned to my room, I noticed my laptop, laptop power charger, external keyboard, Ipod touch, Ipod charger were missing.  Everything looked untouched otherwise.  Upon further inspection, they had taken 9 dollars from my wallet.  They left other valuables untouched, like my cell phone, digital camera, 35mm camera, and personal 25-inch TV.

I had stupidly forgotten to lock the front door earlier in the evening after my neighbor had delivered a missed UPS package to me, so they got in with unforced entry.

My room is on the 2nd floor... meaning they came into the house, went UPSTAIRS, noticed my room light was on, still were bold enough to go into a lit upstairs area, stole my shit, then left.  I'm just amazed at how bold these guys were to go into a house that had an awake person inside, and still go upstairs to steal stuff.

Upon inspection of the downstairs area, my HDTV, two bikes, etc. were still there.  Upon closer inspection, I discovered that these guys stole MY RESERVE STASH OF TOILET PAPER.

I have pretty much zero hope of recovering my stuff. I actually don't care at all about the monetary value of things I lost (which does amount to over 2 grand), but rather the work I lost because I work primarily on my computer.


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As you reached the heart of the forest, clouds began to thunder and lightning began to flash. All of a sudden, two robbers, armed with pistols, emerged from the bush. Describe what happened after that.

I study here in Delhi, but my father lives in a village. I live with my elder brother, but I have to go to the village to my father to bring my monthly expenses. It was during last winger that I left for my home by a night train. My village is at a distance of about four miles from the station and the way lies through a dense forest. The train reached the station at about 10 p.m.

I stared for my home at once. I left a little nervous, as there was no 0ther person to keep company with me to the village. But then I gathered courage a d started.

I had hardly gone one and a half miles when clouds gathered in the sky, lightning began to flash the wind became biting cold. Rain was certain to come. What would happen if rain came? It was already so could. I was worried in my mind when two tall people came out from behind high bushes. They were armed with pistols. Obviously, they were robbers and had come out thinking me to be a fit object of their robbery. I thought to myself that I had nothing with me what could I be robbed of? Anything the thought go trying to run did not come to my mind at all. I nerved myself to face whatever was to happen.

They called me in a very rough voice and ordered to me stop. I asked them in an innocent manner as if I knew nothing about what the matter was. They showed me their pistols, threatened and asked me to lady forth whatever money I had. I told them fearlessly that there was no relation between myself and money. I said that I was a student was going home to bring my monthly expenses. They did not believe me and searched my pockets. There was only one rupee note which they did not accept, saying that it was not at all worth the pains they had taken. They told me that on certain previous occasions, they had got a rich booty, but it was an unlucky day. They warned me not to tell anybody anything about the incident.

In the meantime, we saw a car coming from behind, the robbers felt pleased that the car might be containing rich people out to be police-van containing rich people out to be a police van containing three armed constables and a police inspector. The robbers lost their pistols the police had laid their hands on them. Their pistols were taken from them, they were handcuffed and ordered to sit inside the van. The police inspector asked me who I was how I was there and what the matter was. I told him the whole story. The bobbers said that I was the cause of their arrest. The police recognized the robbers and said that they were wanted in connection with several cases of dacoits and murder. They asked me to accompany them to the police station ad give my statement. I did so. On reaching the police station. The robbers were asked to give their statement but they refused to do so. They were put under custody and after I had given my statement and address I was allowed to go home.

On the way, I kept thinking all the time, I praised myself for not giving way to fear and remaining cool and calm throughout. On reaching home, I told y parents the story of the shale incident. They said that I was really a brave boy to have acted so fearlessly. I had the joy of having an adventure.

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