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Biblical Worldview Essay Example

S1 Taylor S Ogedi Omenyinma THEO 104-D77 Biblical Worldview Essay Introduction A worldview is described how we perceive the world. However, a biblical worldview is based upon the framework or ideas and beliefs of the individual and how they interpret the world and interact with it. “God created man in his image; in the divine image he created him; male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:27, The New American Bible). While having the image of God we are to be truthful, honest, love and have compassion for one another. We should also obtain the wisdom that God provided us and never be fooled by others with deceiving ways. While I continue my journey throughout life as a Catholic, I hope with God’s prayer and blessings that I am able to graduate with a Bachelors in Graphic Design and Business Management. In order to be successful within my vocation I plan to treat others how I want to be treated and always remain truthful and honest. Example #1 Business Management and Christianity are related by truthfulness, honesty, judgement, and consequences. After graduating I plan to have enough experience in the business field working in companies where I feel as if I will gain the most experience. By that time I plan to have enough money saved so I can open my own sneaker store. While owning a business, I am I will encounter situations where my employees will have a hard time maintaining my store or being polite with customers. In addition, I may encounter employees who will try to steal from me. If I encounter these situations they will deal with the consequences. Some of these consequences will be in the form of the employees being fired, or issued warnings. As a business S2 owner I will have to treat my employees in a fair and respectable manner. “Do to others as you would have them do to you” (Luke 6:31, The New American Bible). While reading this Bible verse I will remember that if you treat others with respect, give them love and honesty they will do the same for you. According to Towns, “While being a business owner I would also like to give back and give away shoes to the children within my community and raise awareness that even though we own businesses throughout America we are still able to give back and give other people the luxury of things we have that they do not. As a Christian, there are many ways to cherish God and be as the same image of God and do things in the right way as he would do. Example #2 Business Management and Christianity is similar because of honesty. Being honest and showing you are honest can go a long way with different people you encounter in life. Owning your own business requires you to be honest within your company, employees and customers. “He who walk uprightly is safe, but he whose ways are crooked falls into the pit” (Proverbs 28:18, The New American Bible). Being honest and truthful is very important when owning your own business. You do not want to steal money from your own company or steal customer’s information for your own benefit. Doing so lowers your standards and your character. Creating a friendly and loving environment within your business is a good way to let your customers and employees know that you are a welcoming person and you have good intentions. On the other hand, you cannot be fooled by others that will want to use your good intentions against you. God wants His flesh and blood to treat others how He would treat them. As a Christian, we should try our best to teach others good values and show them the correct way to conduct a business. Therefore, as Christians we should always improve our relationship with God to grow closer to him. S3 Conclusion Furthermore, I believe my degree of choice and Christianity are closely related. Being a Christian, we too have to follow God’s plan and listen to His word. According to Towns, “Christianity is an ongoing relationship with God” (59). We have to maintain a close relationship with God like we maintain a close relationship with our careers. God does not place things on us to make us stray away from Him. God gave us the Bible and His word to make sure we read it and understand the guidelines he set in place for us. In fact, “The Christian must form good habits that please God and lead to godliness” (Towns). Ultimately, it is up to ourselves to listen to the word of God and live by His word. Works Cited Towns, Elmer. Core Christianity [What is Christianity all about?]. Tennessee: S4 AMG Publishers, 2007. Print. The New American Bible. Ed. Stephen J. Hartdegen, Christian P. Ceroke, Patrick Cardinal O’Boyle, James Cardinal Hickey, Daniel E. Pilarcyzk. Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1987. Print.



A worldview is how someone sees life, reasons for making decision, and the filter they use to understand life and everything in it (Weider & Gutierrez, 2011). Knowing what a worldview is makes it easier to understand what a Christian Worldview is. A Christian Worldview uses the Bible as its filter for understanding the world around us and how we should act. Paul addresses a lot of perspectives of the Christian Worldview in his letter to the Romans. Paul touches on the Christian worldview in the areas of the natural world, human identity, human relationships, and culture.

Natural World:

The hands of God created the world and everything in it. Paul states in Romans 1: 20 (NIV) “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.” This verse clearly shows that you can see God’s existence in all that He has made. By looking at the world around you and seeing all that God has created leaves us with no excuse to not believe that He is the Creator. Paul also refers to God as the Creator when he speaks of how people worship created things over the Creator (Romans 1:25). Christians should worship God, the Creator, and see all that he has created as evidence of his presence. A Christian Worldview would see that God created everything and use that as proof that he exists.

Human Identity:

Humans have a sinful nature (Romans 7:18 and 8:5). We battle within ourselves with our sinful wants and desires and following the Lord. Paul talks about the war that occurs in the members of his body (Romans 7:21-23). Romans (3:9-20) also speak about how no one is righteous. Paul continues by saying “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” This continues to prove that we have a sinful nature. We are not stuck in our sinful ways. Paul also speaks about our sinful nature does not control us but that the Spirit does as long as the Spirit of God lives in us (Romans 8:9). You also need the Spirit of Christ in order to belong to Christ (Romans 8:9). Even though we are born with a sinful nature and fall short of God’s glory we also have God’s grace by having the Spirit of God in us as long as we accept Christ Jesus.

Human Relationships:

Paul speaks of relationships with each other and how it should be. In Romans 1: 11-12 Paul is speaking to the Romans about building each other up and encouraging each other in faith. This can be taken into relationships with have with one another in today. We should be there for one another and help each other with our faith and to be there for one another. Paul also prays for the Romans (Romans 1:9-10). This is also important that we remember each other in our prayers. Paul also talks about how men and women should have relations with each other. Romans 1:26-27 talks about how men and women gave into sin and started unnatural relationships over natural ones and how men did sexual acts with one another instead of with women. Paul’s writing shows that we should abstain from sexual temptation but that we should also build each other up and be supportive of one another in Christ.


Paul talks about spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and the gospel being spread all over the world in Romans 1:8. He talks about being eager to spread the gospel with others, the Jews and the Gentiles (Romans 1:14-15). Not only should we be sharing the gospel with others we should rejoice in suffering because it produces perseverance (Romans 5:3). The perseverance produced from suffering can produce character and from character we can get hope (Romans 5:4). When speaking of Romans 5:3-4 Matthew Henry says “Patient sufferers have most of the Divine consolation, which abound as afflictions abound.” Romans 8:37-39 talks about how nothing can separate us from the love of God. Our culture is in God, nothing can take us away from Him and we should rejoice in all things, even suffering. It is also very important for us to share the God’s word with others throughout the world.


Paul teaches us a lot about the Christian Worldview in Romans 1-8. He talks about how God created the world and that is proof that He exists. He talks about humans have a sinful nature but that through the Spirit of God and Christ Jesus we can be free from our sins. Our relationships with one another should be encouraging and with faith in God and we should spread the gospel with everyone throughout the world. With these guidelines from Paul it makes it easier to follow the Christian Worldview.

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